Incident Hike - Burbage Common

The Explorers and Scouts met for a team challenge incident hike on Monday evening at Burbage Common.

After being put into teams they were set several tasks whilst navigating a simple route.

Each team had to navigate a section of the route by a compass bearing and map reference. Then at each check point they were all given a task at the same time and the first team to finish gained a point.

The first challenge was to put all the team into the recovery position. The second was a short navigation exercise with a compass. Each team had to make a human triangle using compass bearings. Challenge three was a knotting exercise. A reef knot and a double figure of eight knot. Then onto check point four and a challenge to make a rescue stretcher and transport a team member to the next check point. Check point five was a quick first aid exercise. Everyone was advised they had a nosebleed and what would they do. Next was six and everyone renewed their Scout Promise. Finally, seven and a bit of fun. Everyone had to take off their left boot and we had a throwing competition.

It was good to be out and about, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. We also now know what to put on forthcoming programmes to improve certain skills – knotting and first aid!

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