EMERGENCY! Call the...Cubs?

Monday 29th October saw the Cubs working on their Emergency Aid Stage 2 badge. We covered the following areas: We discussed: The importance of getting help. What to say when you call 999. We explained how to help someone who: Is unconscious Is bleeding Has a burn Is having an asthma attack. We also practiced the recovery position. In addition we played a game where the Cubs took turns to ‘bandage’, using toilet roll, a willing volunteer. The idea was to cover as much of the volunteer as possible – we had mixed results, but it was good fun!

Beavers Halloween Craft Night

The night before Halloween and the Beavers had a great time creating their own flying witch, completing part of their craft badge work. Afterwards and after a special drink of witches brew, we all sat round the campfire practicing some songs for the Group visit to Hinckley House care home in a few weeks time and it was a great night, thanks to all the leaders and parents who helped out.

Climbing Cubs!

On Monday 22nd October 1st Hinckley Cubs had an excellent evening at Green Towers youth centre. They were split into two groups, with one group taking part in climbing activities in the inside climbing wall, and the other group having use of the other facilities within the centre. It was all good fun, and a good experience for the Cubs as well as contributing to some of their Adventure and Skills challenge badge requirements. Thanks to members of the Hinckley District climbing team who took time out to provide climbing instruction and supervision.

Exploring The Dark Peak

The Explorers and older Scouts traveled to the Hope Valley in the Peak District at the weekend to complete expeditions and to explore the local area. Our accommodation for the weekend was Pindale Farm Activity Center. The Scouts and Explorers camped in lightweight tents and the Leadership team enjoyed the luxury of a bunk house. We walked all day Saturday covering around 10 miles, travelling from Hope village to Calver village, following the river Derwent. The day began with heavy rain but soon the clouds lifted and a warm wind accompanied us until the rain began again at dusk. During the walk we visited Hathersage and Grindleford - testing the local coffee shops en route! We had a few near

Cubs Photographer Activity Badge (2)

On Monday 8th October we completed the Photographers Activity badge. To cover the remaining aspects of the badge, the Cubs learned about how photo-editing software can change the appearance of a photo, and introduce special effects as required. They then split into groups and used some photographs of the Hinckley area to produce a poster enticing potential visitors to our town! We finished-off the evening with a fun game, so a busy evening and lots of effort put-in – well done to those Cubs who completed both nights, that’s another badge crossed-off!

Leadership Training

On the morning of 8 September 1919, 19 men dressed in short trousers and knee socks, their shirt sleeves rolled up, assembled for the first Scoutmasters' training camp at Gilwell Park. The camp was designed and run by Robert Baden-Powell. Afterwards, Baden-Powell gave each man a simple wooden bead from a necklace he had found in a Zulu chieftain's deserted hut whilst on campaign in South Africa in 1888. The Scoutmasters' training course was a great success, and continued to be held year after year. Wood Badge recipients now number more than 100,000 and can be found in all corners of the world. The Wood Badge is a Scouting programme and award for adults in the Scout associations around the wo

Derbyshire Preparation

An evening of kit checks and packing for those Scouts and Explorers who are attending the Derbyshire Expedition weekend. Lots of kit to sort through and check that everyone is prepared. The leaders were quite suprised to see how much wash kit certain members planned to take with them. Not the female participants I might add! For those not attending the expeditions - a night of games and teamwork was scheduled. Although we were a little short of leadership - but Charlotte ensured everything went to plan.

Harvest Church Parade

A BIG Thank You to everyone who came and supported the Leaders at the Harvest Church Parade. It was a really enjoyable service with lots of hand on activities and some excellent singing from all. Donations were made during the service to the Hinckley Food bank and we all joined together afterwards for a cuppa and a catch up.

Giant games!!

Giant games at Cubs on Monday 1st October, namely Minesweeper, Nought & Crosses and Jenga. Lots of fun! We also invested two more Cubs – welcome to 1st Hinckley Cub Pack Ross & Bhavik!

Life Saving

The Scouts and Explorers were able to practice their life saving skills this evening with a CPR and basic first aid joint evening. Most Scouts had remembered all of their training from a short course they attended in September on a troop night. Some needed no prompting and were able to help their fellow scouters. It was good to be able to practice CPR on a number of different sized resuscitation dolls and even the Leaders were able to have a practice. A big thank you to Charlotte Booth for running the evening. Very informative - especially the instructions on how to use a defibrillator.

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