Expedition Prep

The Explorers spent the evening checking their lightweight camping equipment ready for the Derbsyhire trip at Easter. All of the Banshee tents where checked thoroughly and matched up with the new footprint liners that have recently been purchased. They also had the opportunity to erect the new lightweight tents that were purchased last year. These go up easier than the older tents as they have connected inner linings. Some of the more experienced Explorers gave a tutorial to the Scouts on how to erect the tents and those Scouts attending the Easter Trip had the opportunity to erect their tent in preparation for the trip.

Beaver Sleepover

What a fantastic effort by everybody getting through 11 out of the 12 challenges set to complete the Beaver outdoor challenge award.Thanks to everyone who helped out to make this such a great day, (and night). A few snaps below showing some of the challenges set that included; putting up a tent, collecting wood, preparing, lighting and cooking on an open fire, making bread (that was surprisingly very nice), making a kite (although there was no wind to fly it), making a bug house, playing various team and wide games, completing a team water challenge on the trim trail, going for a torch lit walk, and singing songs round the roaring fire in the Wilson building. All in all a very busy day and a

On Your Bike!

Everyone who had a bike brought it along on Monday evening. Those who are attending the Derbyshire Mountain Bike and Hike trip also brought their bikes along. And those who didn't have bikes were lucky enough to share bikes owned by others. Scouts and Explorers were split into two groups. They learnt about maintenance of a bike, how to fix a puncture, how to check a bike and also tested on their cycling skills. Safety and off road cycling was also covered. All present learnt about the "M Check": Rear wheel It should be tightly fitted and the quick release lever is secure in the closed position. Not all wheels will have quick release levers. If the wheel is not quick release, check that the n

Church Sleepover & Movie Night

The Scouts and Explorers met together on Friday evening for a Movie Night and Church Sleepover. The evening began with movies in the warmth of the upstairs church hall rooms. There were a number of films to choose from and the group voted on two action movies. Hot Pizza and drinks were served at the end of the showings and everyone gathered their kit and headed over to the church. Everyone was well wrapped up as the church was cold. The aim of the exercise was to encourage the youth members to think about what it is like for homeless people to sleep outside. Some slept more comfortably than others! and everyone was awake at 3am when one of the scouts phone alarms went off... Other than the w

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