Team Building and Hot Marshmallows

The Cubs enjoyed an evening of Team Games and Campfire fun last night. Split into two groups the were set the task of working together in the Lime Hall with a number of different objectives. And also to set and keep a small fire burning so they could cook marshmallows - and of course eat them!


The Explorer Scouts took time out from a games night to go through the paperwork requirements they all needed to complete their Chief Scouts Awards and Queen's Scout Awards. All Explorers are now well on their way to completing the high awards. Many taking on extra responsibilities within the local community and the Scout group. Examples of some of the activities being used towards awards are: Water Polo, Cooking, Swimming, Judo, Young Leadership, Community Committee membership, Chess, Cycling and Crest Awards.

Group AGM

Well what a fantastic evening 1st Hinckley Group had last night. We had around 120 in attendance which included members and their families. A fantastic number for a group AGM. The evening began with the formalities and we must say that the Youth Members where extremely well behaved. A number of officers were nominated onto the Group Executive Committee and our accounts were signed off for another year. Once the meeting had finished light refreshments were served in the form of a large hot dog and a drink. This was followed by a family campfire including a number of traditional songs and also some popular pop songs! The fire burned, the rain just about held off and everyone really enjoyed the

Cineworld Tour

The Explorers took a tour around Cineworld Hinckley last night. The duty manager took the group around the inside workings of the Cinema. Everyone had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of Front of House, Staff facilities, Screens and Projection Rooms. They even managed to handle a film hard drive and look into live showings through observation windows. A great tour and something a little bit different to the normal programme.

Tracking Night

We visited Fosse meadows last night for an evening of tracking exercises. Each Patrol set a tracking route and then everyone had a go at following the routes. Some where better laid than others - but all routes worked well.

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