Police Visit

On Monday, the Cubs learnt what a Police Officer is and what jobs they need to under take on a regular basis. The Cubs also learnt what a Police Officer has to carry around with them and had a bit of a closer look at some of the gear such as the hand cuffs, and so did I. At the end of the night they had a competition on who can colour in a police car the fastest. Just want to say a big thank you to Sergeant K.Pattinson for coming down to talk to the Cubs. It was a brilliant night

Young Leadership

The Explorers took part in a games night last week as the final part of their Young Leadership Training. They showed some really good leadership skills throughout the evening. Their confidence is growing in different leadership styles and even the more introvert Explorers are coming out of their shells and leading.

Remembrance Parade

What a fantastic turn out for the Hinckley Remembrance Parade and Service. Well over 50% of the group turned out which is an increase on previous years. Well done to the flag bearers and also to the wreath layers. You all did the group proud.

Expedition Weekend

WELL DONE to all the Explorer Scouts who completed their Chief Scouts Expeditions at the weekend. Also another D of E Practice walk under their belts! Hike Tents had to be pitched in the pouring rain on the Friday evening and by the time the team left the campsite on Saturday morning the weather had worsened with extremely heavy rain. Some respite came with a break in the weather during Saturday afternoon. However the heavens opened again later and one again all were soaked to the skin. The rain still continued on Sunday morning but did clear for some sunshine in the afternoon. The Explorers route, which they had planned over the Summer Holidays on a number of training days, worked well. The

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