Beaver Sleepover

What a fantastic effort by everybody getting through 11 out of the 12 challenges set to complete the Beaver outdoor challenge award.Thanks to everyone who helped out to make this such a great day, (and night).

A few snaps below showing some of the challenges set that included; putting up a tent, collecting wood, preparing, lighting and cooking on an open fire, making bread (that was surprisingly very nice), making a kite (although there was no wind to fly it), making a bug house, playing various team and wide games, completing a team water challenge on the trim trail, going for a torch lit walk, and singing songs round the roaring fire in the Wilson building.

All in all a very busy day and a late night with our Beavers (or most of them) falling asleep watching a movie from the comfort of their tents.

What a great sense of achievement seeing our Beavers having such a great time in the outdoors.

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