Lashing of fun!

'Lashings' of fun at Cubs tonight working on the first night of the Pioneer Activity badge. I would say the night went without a 'Hitch', but I would be lying...sorry, I'll stop now! We covered the following: 1. Found-out some basic facts and safety information relating to using ropes. 2. Learned how to tie a Clove Hitch. 3. Used the Clove Hitch as a basis for a Round Lashing. 4. Used the Round Lashing with Frapping Turns to form a long pole from two smaller ones (three and even four in some cases!). We were very impressed with the Cubs - they tried really hard tonight, and they produced some excellent lashings. This is a basic skill which will serv e them well as they move-up through Sco

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating at Beavers tonight. The Beavers learnt about the colour of food. They had to create a healthy plate of food and an unhealthy plate of food. Cutting out samples and building up a meal. Once the plates were complete it was easy to see which was which. The unhealthy plates were brown and beige in colour but the healthy plates were like rainbows and full of colours.

World Challenge Badge

Our World challenge badge work tonight, and the Cubs learned about the availability of, and some problems associated with water supplies across the world. We discussed about how some people can't simply turn-on a tap and obtain clean water, that they often have to travel far to get that water and even then it may be unclean. We then moved-on to making a water filter with plastic bottles, filter paper, sand and gravel. The Cubs did really well and put lots of effort in - we had mixed results, with varying grades of 'clean' water produced after filtering! In between this we had some parachute games - always a favorite!

Local Knowledge

First night back after Easter for the Cubs, and this evening we were working on the Local Knowledge Activity Badge. We talked about how much Hinckley has changed over the past 40 years or so, what famous people came from Hinckley (we struggled with this one...), and what famous landmarks / institutions the town has. In between this we had a game of 'Guess Who' with post-it notes which was very funny! Finally the Cubs had to produce a poster to encourage visitors to visit Hinckley - I'll pass some of them onto the Council!

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