Home Alone

Two Cub Scouts were left alone to enjoy some cooking with the leaders on Monday night as the rest of the pack took part in a Uni-hock competition. A mini programme had been organised for them which included food hygiene and cooking. They completed the Cubs Cooking Badge and finished the evening with some great cooking skills. Perfect Pizzas…

Square Lashing Challenge

Begin with a clove hitch underneath the spar to be supported. Wrap the two ends of the rope together so that the short end is trapped and the clove hitch cannot come undone. Wrap the rope first over one spar, then under the other, pulling tight all the time. On the second turn round, go inside the previous turn of rope on the top but outside underneath the spars. After three turns, apply three frapping turns which pull on the rope turns already made, making them even tighter. Finish off with a clove hitch on the opposite spar to the one on which you started. Continue to add to the structure. Finished structure a raft capable of floating a two fingered Kit Kat. RESULT!

Team Work

Monday evening saw three sections come together for some team building exercises. We had Cubs who were having a taster session at Scouts and Explorers who were completing Young Leadership Training, meeting together to complete a number of teamwork tasks set by the Leaders. Simple ice breakers opened the evening and once everyone had been given a team the real fun began. A toxic waste challenge; moving a can of toxic waste without touching it with human hands. Equipment – string, toxic waste and a rubber band. A balancing challenge; balance the nails on a single nail. A movement challenge; move a whole team across an electric fence in the wilderness. The evening went really well and the Cubs

Navigation Programme - Pace Count Beads

Last week the Scouts and Explorers started a navigation course to assist them when completing expeditions. Both sections are being trained on a number of evenings in advanced navigation over the next two terms. Last week everyone completed a short test so that the leaders could assess everyone's skills in the area. This week saw a review of the results and training in the areas that were lacking. Part of the training includes learning how to pace when out on the mountains. To aid pacing everyone - including the leaders made Pace Count Beads. Pace count beads or ranger beads is a manual counting tool used to keep track of distance travelled through a pace count. It is used in military land n

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