Cubs Photography Activity badge (1)

First night of the Photographer Activity badge at Cubs on Monday 24th September. We talked about methods of photography, different types of cameras, and finally how to look after your camera. We then moved outside to take some photos of Holy Trinity Church and the surrounding areas using smartphones or cameras. We had some good results! If you are able to extract the photos from your child’s phone and send them to me via e-mail that would be great. We can utilise them when we finish-off the badge requirements in two weeks time as we need to change the photos using editing software.

Kettering Steam Fayre

With the Millennium year in mind, Mick Spitteler decided to arrange a celebration for his home town of Kettering in Northamptonshire. With the kind permission of the management of Wicksteed Park Ltd., The Kettering Vintage Rally & Steam Fayre was born. There was an overwhelming response from Exhibitors and Traders who had responded to his appeals over the preceding 12 months to help create the show for people to enjoy, while raising money for charities. 19 years on and the Vintage Rally and Steam Fayre is still going strong. This year was the 18th year that the Scouts have organised the car parking for the event. The weekend is hard work, waking at 6am each morning, working all day, sometime

Still Motion

An interesting evening with the Scouts exploring still images and how to build them up to make a short motion film (this will be posted directly onto facebook). The Scouts were required to make a decision on what they were going to photograph. The leadership team think they made an excellent decision to film knots. This worked really well and as you can see from the film it also looks like the scouts were familiar with the knots they were filming. A large part of the photography badge was covered during the evening; photography, camera car, camera use and downloading.

Cubs Disability Awareness Badge (part 2)

We completed the Disability Awareness badge at Cubs on Monday – this time we focussed on the following: Learned how to approach a deaf person and speak to them so they can lip-read. Looked at the BSL fingerspelling alphabet and tried to spell-out a word using this. Show how to approach a blind or visually impaired person and how you could help them if needed. Tried to follow a small obstacle course, with assistance, while blindfolded! We finished off the evening with a skipping challenge. Well done to all the Cubs who have attended the past two weeks – that’s another badge done! At the end of the evening, and as a snack during our drinks session, the Cubs were lucky enough to be offered a d

Cubs Disability Awareness Badge (part 1)

On Monday 10th September the Cubs began work on the first part of their Disability Awareness activity badge. In this session the Cubs… - Explained what a disability is, and examined what different types of disability there are. - Researched a famous person with a disability. - Were given an artificial ‘disability’, such as partial sighting, deafness, reduced limb or hand usage, and had to try to put-up a lightweight tent! - Attempted to write their name and draw some shapes using ONLY their feet! We’ve just about recovered from all the bare Cubs feet in the room, and have sent the felt tip pens used off to Porton Down for analysis… We finished off the evening with a game of ‘snatch the wolf

Navigation Training

The Explorers and Scouts spent the evening practising their navigation skills. The Explorers spent time finalising their October Expedition route around the Dark Peak are in the Peak District National Park. They completed their route plan for the trip and also managed to agree on the food they were taking to keep them going through the expedition. The Scouts split into two groups. One being the older scouts who will be attending the October expedition trip and the other the younger scouts. Both groups then completed a number of exercises in navigation and also learnt how to use some navigation software.

Beavers Lego Challenge

Great to see everyone back at Beavers last Tuesday. We started the new term with a few teamwork challenges and a few games thrown in. The Lego challenge threw out some interesting animal constructions and the tallest freestanding tower was, I think, contested more by the leaders than the Beavers. We also welcomed four new Beavers to the Colony and gave our traditional goodbye to the four Beavers who have now moved on (although two were not present). we have a full Beaver colony now and throughout the term I will need the help of at least two Beaver parent for most meetings to assist the three leaders running the program. I will leave the parent rota sheets out on the booking in desk in the f

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