Rounders Night

What a night we had last night at Clarendon Park. We met for a game of rounders with the older sections of the group. With a little bit of COVID shuffling around we managed to sort two mixed teams which worked really well.

It was great to see the older sections looking after the each other through the evening. There was some real competitive behaviour coming out, not least from Skip, who seemed to be in his element!

Lots of screams and shouts of encouragement to team members and quite a few laughs when things didn’t quite go to plan.

The player of the match must be Scout Julian Ward who not only hit the ball amazingly well, put 110% into getting a full rounder but also had the best catch of the night.

Clive who was bowling nearly lost his head to one very good bat. He managed to duck just in time. Charlie managed a fantastic bat but managed to get caught out and there was some very, very, very poor throwing and catching from some of the team members which gave us lots of laughs.

Loads of hand gel, a very soggy bat handle, and a really enjoyable evening.

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