Explorers Zoom Junk Fashion Night

Tonight was the 1st Explorer run Zoom meeting of the term. Over the next few weeks the Explorers are taking it in turns to organise and run the terms programme.

Tonight was Wills night. Junk fashion. Paper, sellotape, boxes, bags, recycled clothing, tissue and much more! Will had prepared a list of items the Explorers had to make through the evening. They started with a hat, scarf and mask. Then progressed to a blanket, hand bag, kit bag, shoes and top. Then the meeting took a bizarre twist and the Explorers had to make a dog to carry in their designer hand bags.

The Explorers did well with the items they had and Will did an excellent job of communicating his programme and keeping everyone amused. He showed some really good Leadership skills through the evening and everyone had a really good time.

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