Kettering Steam Fayre

With the Millennium year in mind, Mick Spitteler decided to arrange a celebration for his home town of Kettering in Northamptonshire. With the kind permission of the management of Wicksteed Park Ltd., The Kettering Vintage Rally & Steam Fayre was born.

There was an overwhelming response from Exhibitors and Traders who had responded to his appeals over the preceding 12 months to help create the show for people to enjoy, while raising money for charities.

19 years on and the Vintage Rally and Steam Fayre is still going strong.

This year was the 18th year that the Scouts have organised the car parking for the event.

The weekend is hard work, waking at 6am each morning, working all day, sometimes without a break, and then, of course, sleeping in tents! However, it is a great experience for all involved and we all have free access into the fayre during the weekend which is a bonus.

During the weekend we not only set up and managed the car parking, but also invested two Leaders, one Border Collie and one Explore Scout. One of the Leaders, Simon Robinson, also celebrated his 18th Birthday during the weekend. The fayre organisers arranged with the “Rebel” steam engine owners for a special investiture on the steam engine and then the opportunity to drive it to the beer tent where they provided a cake and Akela provided liquid refreshment for Simon and his parents, who also joined us for Saturday’s celebrations.

This year the Fayre was very quiet. The poor weather would have been a deciding factor on attending decisions. Our buckets only took half the donations we would normally take

Without the preservation movement, our past transport and old crafts history would have disappeared. There would not be any period TV or Film Dramas, so these Exhibitors have my heartfelt thanks for their dedication to detail in their hobby.

We look forward to joining the organisers next year to celebrate the 20th Steam Fayre.

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