Cubs Disability Awareness Badge (part 2)

We completed the Disability Awareness badge at Cubs on Monday – this time we focussed on the following:

  • Learned how to approach a deaf person and speak to them so they can lip-read.

  • Looked at the BSL fingerspelling alphabet and tried to spell-out a word using this.

  • Show how to approach a blind or visually impaired person and how you could help them if needed.

  • Tried to follow a small obstacle course, with assistance, while blindfolded!

We finished off the evening with a skipping challenge. Well done to all the Cubs who have attended the past two weeks – that’s another badge done!

At the end of the evening, and as a snack during our drinks session, the Cubs were lucky enough to be offered a doughnut and cupcake. One of our former Cub’s very kindly donated these – Robi has left the Group now as his family have relocated to another part of the country. All the best for the future Robi, and thanks for the goodies!

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