Cubs Disability Awareness Badge (part 1)

On Monday 10th September the Cubs began work on the first part of their Disability Awareness activity badge. In this session the Cubs…

- Explained what a disability is, and examined what different types of disability there are.

- Researched a famous person with a disability.

- Were given an artificial ‘disability’, such as partial sighting, deafness, reduced limb or hand usage, and had to try to put-up a lightweight tent!

- Attempted to write their name and draw some shapes using ONLY their feet!

We’ve just about recovered from all the bare Cubs feet in the room, and have sent the felt tip pens used off to Porton Down for analysis…

We finished off the evening with a game of ‘snatch the wolf’ which was very enjoyable – we’ll finish-off the second part of the badge next week!

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