Lashing of fun!

'Lashings' of fun at Cubs tonight working on the first night of the Pioneer Activity badge. I would say the night went without a 'Hitch', but I would be lying...sorry, I'll stop now! We covered the following:

1. Found-out some basic facts and safety information relating to using ropes. 2. Learned how to tie a Clove Hitch. 3. Used the Clove Hitch as a basis for a Round Lashing. 4. Used the Round Lashing with Frapping Turns to form a long pole from two smaller ones (three and even four in some cases!).

We were very impressed with the Cubs - they tried really hard tonight, and they produced some excellent lashings. This is a basic skill which will serv

e them well as they move-up through Scouting.

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